When did you last deep dive into your organisational culture?

Culture workshops: Investigate. Inform. Include.

Organisational culture goes well beyond employee engagement. Employee engagement surveys are useful for providing a benchmark on how things are going and an indication as to what needs improving, but they don’t give you cause and effect data.

At Scaffold Coaching our Culture Workshop Programme investigates the root cause of employee engagement issues by tackling underlying beliefs and attitudes. With a view to deliver a comprehensive culture improvement plan to increase your competitive advantage.

Consider the possibilities by adopting our Coaching Approach; here we give you an insight as to the sort of aspirations organisations consider when tackling culture; for a quick start take a look at our three easy to remember Leadership Essentials.


Leadership Essentials

1. Investigate. It can be tempting to assume you know everything about the culture of your organisation, yet different people see things from their perspective. Be curious; look, listen and feel for what others believe.

2. Inform. Once you have investigated, let people know that they’ve been heard and that their beliefs and attitudes are valued and appreciated.

3. Include. You have received a broad range of belief and opinion, you have let people know that they’ve been heard, now is the time to include them in being a part of where you want to go next.


The Coaching Approach

People are more intelligent together than they are apart. If we want something really creative done, we ask our team to do it?

Every individual in the organisation is somehow stretching, growing or enhancing his/her capacity to create.

People treat each other as colleagues. There’s mutual respect and trust in the way they talk to each other and work together, no matter what their position might be.

Our employees are now invited to learn what is going on at every level of the organisation, so they can understand how their actions influence others.

People feel free to try experiments, take risks, and openly assess the results. No one is killed for making a mistake.

What we offer to explore organisational culture and employee engagement.

Culture Workshops

A comprehensive program to investigate your organisations or divisions culture. A full report to inform stakeholders of our findings and an employee inclusive culture improvement plan


Cultural Assessment

The insightful 3-I Team approach: Investigate*Inform*Include. We facilitate culture workshops to unpack your organisations or divisions culture.


Employee Workshops

Created with your business needs in mind, we offer a range of cost-effective workshops to develop communication skills. We can also build tailored workshops to meet your specific needs.


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We work with you as a trusted advisor, providing a confidential environment to organise your thoughts. We do not judge, impose or assume we are the ‘expert’ in what is best for you. Instead we use the art and science of psychology in practical ways to support you to create your own success.


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“There are no words for how brilliant Scaffold Coaching are. Coaching has changed the way I lead – forever.”

– Director of Library Services

How the Brynmor Jones Library improved staff satisfaction to record levels

After delivering an 18 month program, Scaffold Coaching helped to improve staff satisfaction by 43% after achieving an 80% engagement rate with the Building Better Leaders, Teams & Culture Programme.