Building better leaders with executive coaching.

We provided one-to-one coaching conversations focused on your individual needs and goals.

Our coaching conversations act as a scaffold to support, build and grow our clients. Our approach is always personal and therefore differs for each client.

Some of the topics people typically look too coaching for are stress management, time management, career progression, dealing with change, building confidence, navigating stakeholder relationships and gaining a better sense of balance.


Tailored coaching packages

At times we can all feel overwhelmed. Especially at times of increased stress or when pressure builds to perform at extraordinarily high levels for long periods. For this reason, we offer flexible coaching packages to meet your needs on either a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis. Sessions can also be provided outside of normal work hours if requested.

We recommend a program of 4 to 8 sessions for senior leaders, and the Hogan Leadership Assessment to provide a source of impartial, data driven feedback.


Our overarching guiding principles:

Purpose exploration. We deep dive into your purpose, values and ambitions. Focusing on the outcomes you want to achieve.

Increasing your choices. We help you identify and work through any issues,  allowing you to see new ways to move forward.

Increase personal awareness. As a source of constructive challenge we enable you to gain new insight and self-awareness of behaviours that might be holding you back.   

Increase personal responsibility. We use the art and science of coaching psychology in practical ways to support leaning effectiveness, encouraging you to take more control over your actions.

Realising your potential. We want you to achieve positive outcomes that will make the biggest impact on your work and personal life. The favourite part of our job is celebrating your success.

Your Trusted Advisors.

We work with you as a trusted advisor, providing a confidential environment to organise your thoughts. We do not judge, impose or assume we are the ‘expert’ in what is best for you. Instead we use the art and science of psychology in practical ways to support you to create your own success.


Rachael Butler


John Tattersall


“There are no words for how brilliant the coaching I received was. It has changed the way I lead – forever”

Michelle Anderson, Director of Library Services

Working with Brynmor Jones Library

After delivering an 18 month program, Scaffold Coaching helped to improve staff satisfaction by 43% after achieving an 80% engagement rate with the Building Better Leaders, Teams & Culture Programme.