Building Better Leaders Programme

Our Building Better Leaders Programme can be tailored to your organisation. It is typically delivered quarterly over a 12–month period.

It is an encompassing programme made up of the six workshops below. These workshops can also be booked and delivered as stand alone workshops. Making a great addition to team away days to aid team building and team effectiveness.

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Building Best in Class Communication Skills

Effective listening and your ability to reflect on your communication skills starts here.

Using our 10 point plan – this workshop allows time for reflection on how you communicate in the workplace; clarify your roles and responsibilities, improve your decision making, to get better results and performance.

2 hours, up to 30 delegates £850


Developing Effective Listening Skills

Listening is the best skill of all in leadership, making up for all other competencies.

In this workshop delegates will understand the fundamentals of listening, practice deep listening skill, recognise the effects of body language in communication and learn the elements of powerful conversations.

2 hours, up to 14 delegates, £650


Myers Briggs Types Indication – Working Better Together

Before you can effectively lead others, it’s important to understand your personality & preferences.

In this workshop you will examine your preferences to understand the impact you have on others. We will then look at the teams personality makeup including strengths, weaknesses and how you could work more effectively together.

2 hours, up to 30 delegates £850


Practical Workplace Coaching Skills

Helping people who lead, coach better.

Starting with the most important person in the coaching relationship; the coachee and moving through to you the Coach you will discover all the models, techniques and tools needed to bring the world of coaching into your leadership. The sessions are split to allow application and reflection. This is a very practical workshop and requires significant commitment.

18 hours contact; exactly 2 delegates from: £3,450


High Performance Teamwork

“Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.” –Patrick Lencioni

Establishing clear goals and roles, information flows, trust and accountability. We discuss why healthy conflict is necessary and how the team can use it to increase competitive advantage. Delegates will also cover managing change and leading a team through times of change.

Half day, up to 12 delegates, cost on request


Developing your Leadership Style

Leadership is a choice, not a rank.

In this workshop delegates will gain an understanding of what leadership is and isn’t. A model of leadership. Leadership in practice including communicating with your team and giving feedback. Delegates will also create a personalised leadership development plan. The programme can be expanded to take a very close look at your Organisations results and the commitment required to get to the very next level.

Half a day, up to 12 delegates, £950


“I got my mojo back.”

James Dalton, CEO Fonemedia

Creating a collective vision with Fonemedia

Scaffold Coaching delivered one-on-one coaching with senior leaders and vision & mission workshops to help this company define its plan for growth over the next 5 years. The result? A CEO with his mojo back and a crystallised plan for success.


Your Trusted Advisors.

We work with you as a trusted advisor, providing a confidential environment to organise your thoughts. We do not judge, impose or assume we are the ‘expert’ in what is best for you. Instead we use the art and science of psychology in practical ways to support you to create your own success.


Rachael Butler


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