Women in conversation

Facilitating Inclusive Conversations

Women in conversation
We all know exactly how it feels to be excluded. If we are to avoid making people feel like this we have so many challenges to overcome; some are seen, others unseen – we lift the lid on this important topic.


woman looking overwhelemed

A Story of The Drama Triangle

woman looking overwhelemed
Kim was imagining relaxing by the pool on a sun bed, cold drink in hand with the sun warming her tired body. She wished she could stay in this daydream forever, then her email pinged and snapped her back to reality.READ MORE

woman with head in hands

Burnout – A burning issue in workplaces

woman with head in hands
The world of work has never been more uncertain or stressful. Meaning many leaders in organisations are facing new challengers around mental health, well-being and burnout in the workplace.READ MORE

Leadership – Marathon Running & Mental Toughness

40th London Marathon
Mental toughness is a concept that is often used in conversation and the board room but never put into practice. The first thing to note it’s not about being tough, rather it’s about developing resilience and confidence. READ MORE

working from home in a cluttered home workspace

Experiences working from home during lockdown.

In April and May 2020 we surveyed employees from a cross section of different organisations who were working from home during lockdown, in order to glean new insights on the changes that leaders and HR teams will face as workers return to a new normal. READ MORE

When did you last consider your organisations key capabilities?

You wouldn’t assess an individual’s personal value and contribution, purely based on their financial status, would you? No, we wouldn’t either. We ask:  Why so many organisations are so fixated on profit and loss as a benchmark of success and the primary indication of future performance? READ MORE

John Tattersall – What I’ve learned in the last decade

Looking back, I find it interesting that having left the world of ‘command and control’ far behind, I didn’t even know that terminology then. My coaching journey has taken me into a way of continual learning, something I like to promote with all our clients. READ MORE