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Sport Inspired Leadership Essentials

There are so many sporting examples from where we can learn effective leadership. In most sporting circumstances it’s all about the team. Even if you participate in solo sport, you’ll likely have a support team behind you.

Your competitive edge is found in the effectiveness of you and this team. 

Taking our inspiration from the longest race in the world: the Vendéeglobe 2020 we are building this page with lots of leadership essentials for you to use in your day to day working life.

  • Inspiration

    Fleet Starting Vendeeglobe

    Inspiration Everywhere – Inspiration is all around us, yet we often let it pass us by. What makes us do this, is it our initial assessment and perhaps our laziness? Do we see or hear of something inspiring and think: I just can’t be bothered?

    It was the Vendéeglobe 2020 that inspired me to write these daily #leadership essentials, take on the challenge of running 5k everyday, and as a way of us giving something back offer Five free coaching sessions.

    When you next see or hear of something inspirational, something that’s likely to motivate and move you, how will you react? Will you get curious and think how can I do something good? When we spoke with Kurt Lindley this was one of his Leadership Essentials: “Do good, Be good and good will happen.” Listen to him here.

  • Problem Solving

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    Problem Solving – When your team encounters a problem that needs to be solved, think about employing these 3 essential steps:

    Use a systematic approach and process that’s appropriate for the problem the team are trying to solve. You do not want to solve one problem, only to find that you’ve unintentionally created another or several others down the line, because you hadn’t considered the effect over time.

    You want all the team members to be focussing on the same stage of problem solving at the same time. You do not want some team members already at solution mode, when others are still investigating the cause. At this point communication becomes difficult because team members are at different points.

    Avoid playing the “blame game,” for sure it’s important to create a causal story, but that’s for a later time when concentrating on lessons learnt and the steps to be avoided in the future, will prevent any repeat. Apportioning blame rarely helps anyone.

  • Keep Going

    Man Sprinting

    Keep Going – There are many times in life when we feel we want to give up, the challenge is just too big, perhaps there have been a series of continual set-backs, when you need some luck its seems very elusive.

    Yet when the team really believe in something, it’s at the very core of what is important to them, it can galvanise their effort, and people will do amazing things beyond your expectations to make it happen.

  • Stretch

    Woman Stretching

    Stretch – We only have so much time, yet we give people more and more to do, and wonder why their performance shrinks.

    If you want to increase the performance of your team discuss how you can build in some novelty and variety into the work they do. Then stretch their potential.

    Novelty + Variety = Stretch