Improving employee engagement & organisational culture

Look beyond EES metrics to investigate cause & effect.

Organisational culture goes well beyond employee engagement. Employee engagement surveys are useful for providing a benchmark on how things are going and an indication as to what needs improving, but they don’t give you cause and effect information.

At Scaffold Coaching our Culture Workshop Programme investigates the root cause of employee engagement issues by tackling underlying beliefs and attitudes. The findings can be used by HR teams and Senior Leaders to deliver a comprehensive culture and employee engagement improvement plan.

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Leadership Essentials

1. Explore what employee engagement really means in your organisation. Taking a broad range of views from employees, customers and those in leadership positions. Exploring expectations, desires, goals, priorities and values.

2. Be curious to what your EES data is not telling you. Employee Engagement Survey data is a snap shot in time and is not immune to bias. Is it consistent with what you hear, feedback on exit interviews and metrics such as attrition and promotions?

3. Get more clarity on your current vs. desired organisational culture. Organisational culture is strongly linked to operational performance. Start by investigating real vs. stated values and behaviours and create a plan from there. If you’ve not done this before, we offer a Culture Workshop Programme to new insight and ideas for culture improvement initiatives.


The Coaching Approach

Explore the gap between leaders and your people. Those closer to the top have access to more information, and thus are often more engaged. It’s and easy and common mistake to think employees are at the same position on the change curve with similar feelings of engagement. How can you explore and plan around this?

Understand the role of culture in operational performance. What are your organisations strengths, weaknesses and inconsistencies? What learning and development initiatives could you implement to address these?

Deep dive into the theory of organisational culture. There are hundreds of definitions of organisational culture. The simplest is “the way we do things around here” (Lundy & Cowling, 1996). Yet to better understand why things are done the way they are done, we need to drive deeper into how culture is created and how it lives on, gaining a life of its own over time – surpassing changes in leadership and staff. Andrew Brown (1995, 1998) offers a wider definition…

What we offer to explore organisational culture and employee engagement.

Culture Workshops

A comprehensive program to investigate your organisations or divisions culture. A full report to inform stakeholders of our findings and an employee inclusive culture improvement plan.


Culture Assessments & Capabilities

We facilitate culture workshops to unpack your organisations or divisions culture.


Employee Workshops

Created with your business needs in mind, we offer a range of cost-effective workshops to develop communication skills. We can also build tailored workshops to meet your specific needs.


“Scaffold Coaching helped us improve staff satisfaction by 43% after implementing their Culture Workshops and the Building Better Leaders, Teams & Culture Programme.”

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After delivering an 18 month program, Scaffold Coaching helped to improve staff satisfaction by 43% after achieving an 80% engagement rate with the Building Better Leaders, Teams & Culture Programme.


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