Developing your people

Leadership Essentials

“How do we keep and retain the best talent, without taking people away from their day to day roles?” Here are our leadership essentials for leaders and those in learning & development roles facing this very dilemma.

1. Understand the role of attrition in your organisation. Yes employee attrition is expensive. But some levels are essential for innovation and productivity. The key is to measure and manage it. Asking questions about why it’s happening and what you can do to keep it manageable.

2. Move from generalised to individualised learning. Not everyone wants to become a leader. How can you offer bespoke opportunities for those that want to and have the talent to get ahead?

 3. The power of a coaching conversation. One of the best ways to help employees with high potential develop and feel valued is executive coaching. Coaching can give employees time to think about their next steps in terms of career development.

The Coaching Approach

Career transition. Organisational change undoubtedly leads people to question their contribution and purpose, with some choosing to leave and move on. This can cause others to question their role within the organisation. How can you give employees opportunity to make sense of these events, get clear on their goals and purpose whilst limiting the effect on performance?

Centralised to decentralised development. Could decentralising aspects of people development allow new learnings to emerge? Consider initiatives such as group coaching and mentoring programmes.

‘Whole person view’ of development. Could you provide choices so people can define their own development? Consider well-being, inclusivity & diversity, mental health as well as traditional leadership development programmes.

Understand your people are your organisations best asset. Hogan assessments and executive coaching have been used to reduce attrition and increase productivity by helping organisations develop key talent and evaluate leadership potential. Are you open to experimenting with it?

What we offer to help develop your people.

Goal Setting Workshops

Workshop taking leaders through the fundamentals and theory of goal setting. Delegates will learn which goals to set for which level of employees be better able to plan for and measure employee success.


Hogan Assessments

Have been proven to help reduce attrition and increase productivity by helping organisations develop key talent. The new insight gained allows employees to more effectively map out their career development plan.


Executive Coaching

A one on one coaching conversation focused on employee career and personal development, interpersonal business relationships, performance and business growth.


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Your Trusted Advisors.

We work with you as a trusted advisor, providing a confidential environment to organise your thoughts. We do not judge, impose or assume we are the ‘expert’ in what is best for you. Instead we use the art and science of psychology in practical ways to support you to create your own success.


Rachael Sullivan


John Tattersall


“Our relationship with Rachael and John at Scaffold has evolved as our culture, structure and performance has improved significantly with their help.”

Paul Haywood, HR Manager PIC

Working with PIC

Having completed their first Cultural Capability Assessment with Scaffold Coaching PIC launched a series of initiatives which resulted in them achieving The Times Top 100 Companies Outstanding accreditation.