Learning & development post lockdown

Two certainties amongst many uncertainties.

As people return from furlough and remote working, there are two certainties that HR and Learning and Development professionals must consider.

Firstly, employees will be asking different questions of their employers. Secondly, employees and leaders will return with different views of what they want from their working lives.

What impact will this have on people and talent development initiatives in 2020 and beyond? You can listen to our Podcast on Lifting the Lid On LnD Post Lockdown. Or explore these questions in our 3 easy to implement, Leadership Essentials and our more in-depth Coaching Approach below.

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Leadership Essentials 

1. A new normal means the old material won’t cut it. Revisit employee on-boarding, training and development programmes. Which new leadership practices from lockdown will you keep and integrate moving forward? 

2. Transition from scheduled to on demand learning. Making use of new technology uptake how can you use webinars, video conferencing and pre-recorded content to deliver learning anywhere, anytime?

3. An investment, not a cost. Returning to office-based work will require managing new anxieties around health and well-being as well as physical safety. Investing more in leadership and talent development programmes (vs. cost cutting) has been proven to increase business recovery, future success and employee productivity.

Read our study on the impacts of ‘Working from home during lockdown’, including five questions every people focused leader should be asking.


The Coaching Approach

What are your organisations key objectives for the next 12 months and what is required of your people to deliver this? Where are the performance gaps? Make this the foundation of your people development plan.

‘Whole person view’. How can you better educate employees on well-being, inclusivity & diversity, mental health as well as leadership principles? It’s no longer enough to have a written policy, leaders will be required to spot issues, signpost to resources and support employees through difficult times.

Generalised to individualised learning. As technology progresses at breakneck speeds your people need to be able to keep up. Where is your organisation likely to need more personalised development that will deliver the biggest return?

Centralised to decentralised delivery. Could decentralising aspects of people development allow new learnings to emerge? Consider things such as groups coaching, mentoring programs and virtual events where teams can share successes.

If this has got you thinking, get in touch for a free informal chat about updating your organisations learning and development initiatives.

What we offer to help you update your learning and development programs

Myers Briggs Team Workshops

This workshop helps teams understand differences and similarities and develop clear and effective strategies for working better together with new knowledge.


Learning & Development Program Build

We help business leaders and HR professionals build holistic L&D programs designed with your specific organisational needs in mind.


Leadership Workshops

Building Better Leaders Programme. Cost-effective tailored workshops to meet your specific business needs.


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