When did you last consider your organisations key capabilities?

You wouldn’t assess an individual’s personal value and contribution, purely based on their financial status, would you? No, we wouldn’t either. We ask:  Why so many organisations are so fixated on profit and loss as a benchmark of success and the primary indication of future performance?

In our work on organisational culture we found that this issue came up time and time again. And unbeknown to us at the time, also stumbled on the hidden assets that often get overlooked because they are hard to measure.

The insight

Traditional measurement tools continue to provide leadership with vital information. Our approach is to help you to look at the value of all your organisational assets, including your intangible assets.

This insight lead us to look at the value of all of an organisation’s assets, including the intangible assets, interwoven within an organisations culture, driving outputs and at times hampering performance. We call these Organisational Key Capabilities.

Your Organisational Key Capabilities

Our Organisational Capability Assessment Tool allows you to answer these essential questions:

  1. Which key capabilities are essential to your Organisations success?
  2. How do your employees, customers & leadership see each capability?
  3. How could you apply this learning in your workplace?

Our approach draws on the opinions of your people, your leaders, and your customers. On a 5-scale rating we help you measure your organisations effectiveness.

Helping your organisation to deliver:

  • Organisational strategy, future direction, better understanding of the current organisational climate
  • Reveal differing views within your organisation, driving opportunities to learn
  • Benchmark your organisation in your industry
  • Improved key decision making
  • Drive performance and customer satisfaction
  • Strengthen individual competence
  • Build your capacity to become a ‘learning organisation’

We can combine our key capabilities with your own employment satisfaction, surveys all designed to help shape future strategy, decision making and optimise business performance.

If this article has got you thinking about your organisation’s key capabilities, get in touch and we can talk more about how this approach may help transform your business.