How the Brynmor Jones Library improved staff satisfaction to record levels

How the Brynmor Jones Library improved staff satisfaction to record levels

“There are no words for how brilliant Scaffold Coaching are. Coaching has changed the way I lead – forever”.

– Director of Library Services

Working with Brynmor Jones Library

After delivering an 18 month program, Scaffold Coaching helped to improve staff satisfaction by 43% after achieving an 80% engagement rate with the Building Better Leaders, Teams & Culture Programme.

What was the problem?

A new leader joined the BJL Library and the key issue she had to overcome was very poor staff satisfaction survey results. People felt demotivated and unappreciated, with subsets of individuals resistant to change. The new leader was seeking support and guidance for improving team behaviours, engagement and satisfaction.

What did we do?

Initially we worked closely with the Senior Leadership Team, facilitating several workshops to ensure they were aligned and engaged for a program of change. Next we quickly delivered  culture workshops with the entire team dedicated to understanding their views on the library ways of working. Over the course of the next 6 months we facilitated workshops and discussion with the wider team and the senior leadership team to work through a program of change, led by staff suggestions for improvement to transform the culture at the Brynmor Jones Library.

We introduced the teams to Our Building Better Leaders Programme which included a series of workshops designed and delivered to build better ways of working together, encompassing all the workable solutions, including Leadership Development, Building Trust, Improving Communication at all levels, Listening Skills, Developing Coaching Skills in Manager, Myers Briggs and creating a new shared vision.

What were the results?

The most satisfying results were simplistic, but truly welcomed; opening various communication channels for reporting staff illness/absence, a relaxed dress policy, and flexible working hours available for all teams.

– Over 80% staff engagement with the Building Better Leaders, Teams & Culture Programme

– In 12 month’s, staff satisfaction improved by 43%

– Language changed from: Disappointing, Divisive, Nepotistic, Unsettled – to Better, Collaborative, Improving, Teamwork

– Out of 230 nominations the BJL were outright winners in “University of Hull Excellence in Teamwork.”

– And to quote one leader “There is a lot less sh*t about”- Team Leader

John Tattersall
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