Creating a collective vision with Fonemedia

Creating a collective vision with Fonemedia

“I got my mojo back.”

– James Dalton, CEO Fonemedia

Working with Fonemedia

Scaffold Coaching delivered one-on-one coaching with senior leaders and vision & mission workshops to help this company define its plan for growth over the next 5 years. The result? A CEO with his mojo back and a crystallised plan for success.

What was the problem?

A Director who had lost their mojo and looking for the next thing.

A Successful tech business adapting to a doubling of its turnover and tripling of its headcount. Recent growth meant ad-hoc processes and communication were no longer fit for purpose. New job roles needed re-defining as more people joined the business with a focus on building a team and personal development.

What did we do?

1-2-1 Coaching for the Director with a Hogan Assessment to help him see where he wanted to be next, and how his behaviour was seen by his employees.

1-2-1 Coaching for the Senior Team and our Values & Anti-Values to help build their leadership skills and responsibilities.

Vision & Mission workshop helping the team define who they were, where they want to go over the next 5 years.

We undertook individual interviews with the growing team to understand their challenges and thinking. As a team we helped them recognise and appreciate their differences, strengths and development opportunities using our Team MBTI team workshop.

In addition, we have helped with coaching for appraisals and performance development planning, personal goal definition and setting.

What were the results?

– A Director who has his mojo back, with a clearer view of what he wants.
– A clear strategy for business and people development which is shared and understood by everyone.
– People have increased their situational leadership effectively with improved coping strategies.
– Robust processes help people solve problems; these solutions have been considered over-time with people understanding where and when their contribution is needed.
– People know who needs to make different level decisions and they manage conflict well to learn more about the problem, working together to find solutions and opportunities.

John Tattersall
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