Effective leadership in uncertain times

In a crisis, your people will look to you.

Not for a good news story, but for more certainty than they can create for themselves.

To help improve your performance during a crisis, times of change or uncertainty you can listen to our podcast on Leading Through Change. We’ve also provided three easy to remember Leadership Essentials below. If you’re looking for a little more depth, you can evaluate your performance against The Coaching Approach. This short list of questions gives you an idea of what we might ask in a coaching session. Use these to reflect on where you are doing well, and what else you could try.

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Leadership Essentials

1. Be present, be available and contactable like never before, on as many different communication channels you can.

2. Take a genuine compassionate interest in your people. Particularity their personal circumstances, make notes and check back in with them. If this is all you do, you will be remarkable

3. Be consistent with your message. Tell them everything you can, be honest and address the ‘undiscussables’ openly

In times of crisis, the role of leadership is to help people cross the threshold from fear to safety. 


The Coaching Approach

Jointly agree expected outputs. What advantages can be gained by letting your team design and work in a way that best suits them?

Team collaboration. How can you create an environment where your team feel comfortable asking for help?

Opportunities to learn. How much quicker can you get the answers if you were to make fewer statements and ask more questions?

Share all relevant information. Can you share your ‘big picture,’ do they know and understand all of the factors contributing to the main challenges? 

Clear decision-making rules. Do you have clear decision making rules for all of the different categories of decision, and does everyone understand them?

Test assumptions. How often are you taking time to stop and consider what ‘assumptions’ you might be making?

Consider your contribution. What actions or communications from you might have led to the present situation?

How we can help you become a more effective leader in uncertain times?

Remote Coaching

One on one executive coaching sessions can be done remotely using zoom at a discounted rate. We also offer bite sized sessions during crisis.


Facilitated Workshops

Crisis calls for all hands on deck having someone to facilitate workshops open up new pathways and possibilities.


Learning Resources

Check out our leadership and developmental resources designed to help you think differently as a leader.


“The culture & change management programme Scaffold delivered helped create a better working environment for all.”

Director of Library Services

Working with Brymoore Jones Library

After delivering an 18 month program, Scaffold Coaching helped to improve staff satiation by 43% after achieving an 80% engagement rate with the Building Better Leaders, Teams & Culture Programme.


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