Motivating others

Motivation isn’t static. It will naturally increase and decrease. 

Today, most work in organisations today is done in teams where skills, knowledge and experience will only get you so far. When you add motivation amazing things can happen. The role of the leader is knowing how and when to spark motivation.

To help spark motivation you can listen to our Podcast on Why Is Our Motivation So Elusive. Or you can take a look at our Leadership Essentials below. If you’re looking for a little more depth to explore the psychology of motivation, you can evaluate your performance against The Coaching Approach.  

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Leadership Essentials

1. Set clear goals. It sounds simple but most employees become demotivated because they cannot decide what work is a priority. Setting clear goals with your whole team so everyone understands what the priorities are, can help improve performance. 

2. Get to know what makes them tick. Spending time in on-to-ones with your team members asking them what’s most important to them inside and outside of work will help provide a picture of what’s most important to them and in turn what will motivate them. Consider their preferred motivation type: home or away?

3. Pay attention to the team environment. Ensure you communicate self-development to your team. Try and foster more collaboration by asking for input and fully listening to team members contributions.

The Coaching Approach

Where are you? Where are they?  Do you know if your team is at the same place as you? If you are going through rapid change, its unlikely they will know as much as you to be in the same place; creating uncertainty, fear and misunderstanding.

What motivates you?  Is not likely to always motivate them. Understanding yourself and your biases will be crucial in helping motivate others. What are you role modelling to your team? 

Opportunities to learn. Is there anyone in your organisation that you can learn from?

Dynamics of the team. Away or toward motivated? Is there anyone in your team who is super motivated? How might you be able to engage them to motivate others? Is there anyone who is negative? How might you bring them on board?

What’s your management style? Do you have a tendency to micromanage when stressed? Reflect on your own style and consider how this might be contributing to a lack of motivation.

Do you treat people how you like to be treated or how they like to be treated? What team based activities could you do to get to know each other better?

If you’d like help or ideas on workshops and activities you could run to increase motivation in your team please get in touch.

How we can help improve motivation.

The Psychology of Motivation

Read more about the self-determination theory. The theory of human motivation.


Executive Coaching

One on one executive coaching sessions to explore what you can do as a leaders to increase motivation.


Team Building Workshops

Workshops can help teams to get to know each other better, leading to them working better together.


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