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At times we can all feel like we need time to work and focus on ourselves. This might be from feeling overwhelmed or when pressure builds to perform at extraordinarily high levels for long periods.

People come to coaching for all types of reasons such as; stress management, time management, managing remotely, career progression, managing change, building confidence, navigating stakeholder relationships and gaining a better sense of balance.

Coaching Conversation

Our Coaching Essentials

1. Coaching is a form of Learning – firstly our approach is not to instruct or tell, we facilitate your learning by building your self-awareness, exploring your choices, goal setting and finding different ways of working.

2. Coaching provides a safe confidential space to discuss your goals and anything that may be holding you back. Importantly, many leaders value workplace coaching because it provides them with time out of their hectic day to think about the issues they are facing and business strategies in a different light.

3. Coaching gets results. Amazingly, according to Gallup 86% of employees think their bosses are uninspiring. Over 70% of individuals who receive workplace coaching benefit from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills.

Tailored workplace coaching packages

Coaching sessions are provided face-to-face or remotely. We recommend a program of 4 to 8 sessions for senior leaders over the course of 4-6 months. Adding a Hogan Leadership Assessment is useful to provide a source of impartial, data driven feedback.



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    Your Trusted Advisors.

    Consequently we work with you as a trusted advisor, providing a confidential environment to organise your thoughts. For this reason, we do not judge, impose or assume we are the ‘expert’ in what is best for you. Instead we use the art and science of psychology in practical ways to support you to create your own success.


    Rachael Sullivan


    John Tattersall


    “There are no words for how brilliant the coaching I received was. It has changed the way I lead – forever”

    Director of Library Services

    Working with Brynmor Jones Library

    After delivering an 18 month program, Scaffold Coaching helped to improve staff satisfaction by 43% after achieving an 80% engagement rate with the Building Better Leaders, Teams & Culture Programme.